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Trout Scout Guiding New Zealand

Hello and welcome! My name is Shelen Scout Boyes and I am a fly fishing guide out of Queenstown, New Zealand in the South Island. I have over 7 years of experience and provide top level service to my clients while giving them what I believe to be an exceptional fly fishing experience in one of the most incredible locations on this planet. 

I provide multiple different services including full-day, multi-day and overnight backcountry trips depending on what my clients are after.

Come and check off a bucket list adventure of exploring the incredible New Zealand watersheds and phenomenal trout fishing with a fly rod in hand and me as your guide. Lets see whats out there.

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Fly Fishing Services




A full day of guiding which would include pick-up and drop-off, river-side catered lunch and an hour of casting instruction before the fishing began.



Everything included in a full-days fishing but with multiple days of opportunities to catch elusive New Zealand trout.



An multi-day, overnight backcountry fly fishing trip is on just about any fly fisherman's bucket list. You can either hike in by foot or utilize a helicopter to fly into more remote rivers of the South Island. This would optomize fishing time, create more opporunities for larger fish encounters and preview some of the most remote and stunning scenery.

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For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon as soon as I can.

For a faster response, you can call and message on Whatsapp +64 21 026 36312  or email me direct at

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Jarred C. Australia

"Was lucky enough to have a day getting guided by Shelen. I was very new to the sport, rocking up without knowing how to cast, how to read a river or even what flies to use. Shelens fly fishing knowledge was extremely impressive, from her ability to spot fish that looked almost impossible to see in the first place, to deciding exactly what flies to use for different situations

Her instructional ability was what really made the day an unforgettable day. I couldn't believe the rate I was improving throughout the day. It took less than 20 mins to have my cast fixed, going from trying to muscle the line across the river to actually being able to use the rod for its design. Shelen had a really impressive method of explaining how to do different actions in a simple and understandable way. 

I think what really made Shelen stand out as a guide was her extremely effective way of communicating all her fly fishing experience and knowledge to a beginner like me. She could have just taken me to where the fish are and told me where to cast but she went above and beyond to teach me the skills required so that I could continue to fly fish in NZ without a guide which is worth so much more. I went from 12 days of fly fishing without catching one, to the day after fishing with Shelen landing my first trout which was 4lbs. Just wish I bumped into her 12 days earlier and it would have been a different trip! 

If you're an experienced fly fisherman who just wants to be shown the NZ rivers, she'll show you how the trout here behave or if your completely new to it all you'll walk away with the ability to do it all yourself! Couldn't rate the guiding any more!"

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