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Updated: May 16, 2019

For those of you who don't know what's happening in Alaska at the moment, the Pebble Mine proposal is in full swing meaning that its nearing the last stages of approval on an open pit mine production in Bristol Bays headwaters. Located in southwest Alaska, Bristol Bay is one of the worlds last great wild salmon fisheries and supports the region’s economic, social, cultural and ecological well-being. If Pebble Mine is to be approved and allowed to continue on its disastrous course, this would potentially mean the end for such a pristine, word-class fishery. It not only would leave the $1.5 billion commercial and sport fishery in ruins, but could have catastrophic consequences by releasing millions of tons of acid mine drainage into Bristol Bays headwaters. For the fish themselves, loss of natural habitat and spawning streams, passage blockage and unfit living conditions are only a few of the negative side effects they would face in the future.

Just like many of you, I've never spent time in Bristol Bay but I have been to Alaska when I was a little girl. My parents and I went there for a short holiday and stayed near a town called Girdwood. I remember flying out of Anchorage in a pontoon plane and getting to marvel at the raw beauty just outside my window. This is a place of untamed wilderness that deserves our respect and attention. As humans it's not only a choice, but our duty to help protect national treasures like Bristol Bay and even if you live on the other side of the world, your comment matters. Please help spread the message about Bristol Bay and make your voice heard before there's no more wild fisheries left to save!

Head over to and make a difference by submitting your comment.

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